SiteBot Assistant is a product of YGDigiTech. Our main goal is to provide the best services and products for your business. Our wide range of digital products can help you to grow your business. We offer ChatBots, 3D & video avatars, mockups, e-books & catalogues, booking software and tools for advanced and developers. Also new smart platform You can add and advertise your business for FREE and we’ll give you FREE compliment video. A lot of benefits as part of YGDigiTech family!  

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Part of the services that our ChatBots offer!  

Social Media Share

Build Email List

Webinar Registration

Client Engagement


Customer Service

Discount Coupon

We build a new generation of Smart Chatbot Automation helping SMB’s in client engagement efforts.

Power of 3D & Human Video Avatars

63% of online users are open to communicating with ChatBots when on the platform representing a business or a brand. They are also receptive of storytelling by Video Avatar representing product or service.

49% of online users prefer to communicate with business and brands in the form of text or interacting with Chatbots.

45% of end-users prefer communicating with Chatbots or by text when on Website searching for product or service.

37% of all online users are open to receive special discounts and coupons via Chatbots from trusted brands and businesses.

Our Chatbot Solutions


Your Business is Never Offline

Automated Chatbots for your business available 24/7 to look after your clients and sharable on all social media platforms.


Branded Chatbots

Branded Chatbot linking back to the website with the option of sharing on Social Media.


Booking System - Coming soon!!!

Take full advantage of our booking system and connect your Chatbot to fully automated Chatbot driven booking facility.


3D and Human Video Avatars

Attractive 3D or human avatar with a human voice will allow potential customers to take action on your website.


Integration with Google Analytics

We offer a fantastic opportunity to implement a human avatar to work with Chatbot. Our Chatbots solutions integrate with Google Analytics tools and Facebook pixels.


Chatbot Email Notification

Chatbots offers email notification at every interaction with the bot. Take full advantage of converting hot prospect leads landing on to your website into a real business and delighted clients.


Build your Business Email Targeting List

Build efficient and targeted marketing campaigns with an Automated Integration including Get Response, Mail Chimp and others.

Additional Bonus Packages

Social Media Advertising Video 20 – 30 sec, Facebook cover video, E-book , 10 mockup advert pictures for your business.


Chatbots Solution for Businesses without Website

Our Dynamic Chatbots solution can also “live” on Business cards, Flyers, Stickers, Broachers and activated by scanning a QR code. We offer full adaptation of the Chatbot which will capture your client’s queries and turn them in real prospects.

  • Static chatbots
  • dynamic chatbots
  • 3D avatars
  • human avatars
  • sale funnel with SitBot-superMAXpro.

SiteBot Assistant – ChatBot Agency

We provide the ability to automate any business and personalize conversations with our customers.

Our goals …

Let’s make your business work 24/7. We promise! We’ll give you value, more than you paid!

Why ChatBots are mandatory for business?

packages & prices

Our plans are convenient for any business. We can cover your needs and automate your business.

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If you are wondering and have difficulty choosing a service, we have made the process very easy. Fill out the form exactly as you want the Chatbot to do.

We will review and analyze your site. What you have given us as a piece of information and we will contact you by email or phone to discuss the details.

We will execute the project we agreed on, in one to two weeks. It depends on you how quickly you give us the information. Also, capturing avatars takes time.

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