About Us

We are an international company based in Dublin, Ireland. We have brought together a team of Marketing professionals and friends who are passionate about technology and helping local Irish businesses in their customer engagement efforts, lead generation and website automation.

We help a small and medium-size business to improve online conversions and expand digital presence.

We are a ChatBot Agency platform!  We offer bespoke chatbots and virtual assistant solutions resulting in improved website interaction, lead generation and website conversion!

 As a professional Chatbot Agency, we are 100% focused on building and developing solutions for any website including E-Commerce. We fully engage with our customers to understand their business needs which help to design and build chatbots to meet their specific business requirements.

 We are a team of professionals with years of experience in different industries and proud of delivering engaging content that converts enquires into real business opportunities.

 Our experienced Marketing and AI team will be happy to work with you to identify the best course of action for your specific digital marketing needs – crucial to ensuring you can focus on the right areas.

Our Pride

Here in SiteBot Assistant, we deliver Automation and digital marketing solution through cutting edge technology. We bundle Bots and Website together in helping our clients deliver great customer service and unforgettable brand experience. We help our clients every step of the way, from first client online interaction to getting the deal over the line. SiteBot assistant will increase productivity and capture information to guide your sales team in the right direction. Our solution provides critical information regarding the market size and potentially new product or service development.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far, but we won’t stop here.

We see SiteBot assistant implementation as Digital Marketing tools solution of any business Our innovative approach to customer engagement and onsite experience will change the current understanding of websites and enhance your Brand and client satisfaction.

The trend for future online development is that bots will shift websites as an information source. We are proud to be a part of contributing to the development of online culture in the Irish business! SiteBot Assistant is a fully specialized international company that making virtual assistants for each business or as popular as ChatBots.

Yavor Gerdzhikov


Artistic nature with a fantasy and a sense of digital technology. With extensive experience in online and video marketing, he is a software business hunter. Innovator and inventor. His motto is: “If everyone did their job like I did, the world would be a better place to live. “

What Our Customers Say



“I found it very easy to set up my own Chatbot. In a few clicks, I loaded the code and then I made a few custom changes. In under five minutes, the Bot was  activated on my website”




I set up a landing page with SiteBot Assistant and tested it against my usual opt-in page with a web form. In just one week the Bot built me a list of 486 subscribers! It was so much faster than using a Webform. I also increased my sales by 81%!



SiteBot Assistant is a quantum leap in marketing technology. The future is here. Within the next 3-5 years, most websites will be leveraging chatbot technology. It is the next evolution of marketing. You can jump ahead of 99% of your competition by getting this service now and being first in line for the golden age of AI.