Video Avatars & Virtual Assistants.

Our  HUMAN AVATARS & VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS can help you to reach more customers in a fun and innovative way. They can be used by any business. The times we live in are dynamic and require you to be online. We have tried to cover the needs of every business and offer a wide range of products, that can help your business move forward and upward. The human Avatars can convey the information more emotional and to send more deep the message to your audience, as well as motivate your customers. The avatars with buttons can redirect your customers to the sales page directly. We offer an avatar with a down-counter, which is very convenient for online stores that offer goods. An avatar can also collect and grow your email list. We offer combined avatars with chatbots. This is the best solution because the avatar conveys the message to your customers, the chatbot can take their data, such as name, email and phone. You will receive an email with all this information. Then you can contact your customers and make a sale. Our chatbots cover all the requirements of the GDPR policy.

Email List Avatar/see in 3d avatars

This avatar is the best way to grow your list! It’s simple, easier to say your message and hear it from your customers, instead to write it and throw it away. An innovative way to be unique.

Countdown Avatar/ see in 3d avatars

The human Avatars as 3D avatars are perfect with people with online stores, its easy way to urge to action. The difference between them is that the human can send emotion and vibration to the people. The countdown timer is the best way to use if you have an online shop or selling goods. Why not and services:) The statistics show that E-commerce sales grow more results if you use a countdown timer in your online stores. In this case, the Avatar take attention, send the right information in the right time and help to make successful sales.

Avatar with Button in different languages

The human avatars with the button option can help you to redirect your customer to a third-party site. Also, we can change the language of the buttons. We offer English & Bulgarian speaking avatars yet. 3D avatars are available with multilanguage.  You can use them for a sales page, landing page, or download file with your latest catalogue, products, services etcetera.

SiteBot Assistant – Your Business Partner

Avatars without buttons

We can offer you human avatars without buttons. Avatars are a great opportunity to grab the attention of your customers, to convey accurate information. They are your virtual assistant on your page and can be set up for any type of business. Beauty salons, barbers, restaurants, fast food restaurants, shops, construction, plumbing, painting, electricity, carpentry, lawyers, property sales, accounting and much more.

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